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Outsiders to Utah may have a hard time envisioning a Utah beer scene. We’re still overcoming the private clubs and the idea you can’t get a good drink in Utah. We locals know differently, and in fact, we’d stack our local craft beers against anyone else’s in the nation.

We have authentic award-winning breweries and brewers, a passionate home brewing crowd, and plenty of aficionados. Search out your favorite IPA, sour, saison, stout, porter, pilsner or lager and more along the Utah Ale Trail today.

Hop on the trail. Explore them all. #utahaletrail

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...and counting. Every time a new brewery comes on line in Utah, there is collective rejoicing for the independence and creativity that our breweries bring to the state. Local beer fests and bars alike give us a chance to taste, but sometimes it's great to go to the source.


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